7 ways to make your life easier when sending an item via a courier and transport service company.

This is a helpful overview of courier and transport services and what is involved in helping ensure successful delivery of your goods.

Rosie Deerin, Managing Director of MM Deerin Transport Ltd, a leading industry provider of Courier and Transport Services in the UK and Internationally, states “Successful delivery of goods for any customer is a combination of gaining the right information at enquiry stage then ensuring you meet the agreed contractual needs of the client with timeous scheduling, always delivered by professional and courteous staff.”

7 ways to make your life easier

1. Accurate timescales

Firstly, know exactly what you plan to send, where it’s going to, and the date and time you need it to arrive. This makes it easier to decide if you require same-day, next-day or 3-5 day service, as each one will be a different price.

2. Item(s) description

An accurate description of your item is very important, for example ascertain if the item you are sending is hazardous as this is a specialist area and requires more specialist knowledge.

3. Full dimensions and weight.

You should know the full dimensions and weight of your item(s), if the goods are on a pallet or if your items require to be hand-balled onto and off the vehicle. If all this information is provided to the courier and transport company, a more accurate quote to cover the entire cost of the job can be given. The weight of the consignment determines what vehicle is required:
• Small van.
• Midi van.
• Short wheelbase, medium wheelbase, long wheelbase, extra long wheelbase.
• Luton (hard body/curtain-sider) trucks from 7.5t to 26t.

4. Accurate address details.

Full address details including a contact name and phone number are invaluable for a courier and transport company to ensure your goods are collected/delivered from and to the correct person. It saves incurring further charges such as waiting-time while trying to find the right person, or searching for someone to accept the goods within the premises.

5. Always add a phone number.

If the item is being delivered direct to a customer’s home, a contact number is very useful as the recipient can be contacted to ensure someone will be available to accept the item – and provide a signature to prove the goods have been delivered.

6. Opening, closing collection & delivery information.

Knowing the opening and closing times of the collection and delivery points is also very useful, particularly if unforeseen delays due to accidents or road works have caused the driver to run late. The courier or transport services company would keep customers up-dated in these situations. This gives the customer an opportunity to have someone available to accept the consignment later than expected – this reduces the potential of incurring further costs caused by failed delivery, such as the goods having to be held overnight for delivery the next morning.

7. Very important how to packaging directions.

Finally, the most important point when using courier services and transport services, making sure the item(s) is packaged correctly:
• Documents and paperwork should be in a sealed envelope so no personal details can be viewed.
• Boxes should to be secured with packing tape, the boxes should also be fit for the purpose for which they are being used – heavy items need heavier duty boxes and more tape on the joins.
• All items on pallets should be secured with shrink wrap and it’s best for the heavier items to be at the bottom of the pallet and the lighter items at the top.
• All items should be clearly labelled with full contact details.

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