How to decide which same day courier company or transport company is right for you – a helpful checklist

A helpful checklist

Rosie Deerin, Managing Director of MM Deerin Transport Ltd, a leading industry provider of Courier and Transport Services in the UK and Internationally, states “Successful delivery of goods for any customer is a combination of gaining the right information at enquiry stage then ensuring you meet the agreed contractual needs of the client with timeous scheduling, always delivered by professional and courteous staff.”

A helpful checklist.

  • I need to book a courier urgently.
  • I would like to get a quote.
  • I need help tracking a parcel.
  • I need to have POD on all urgent same day deliveries.
  • I need to have a POD on all same day deliveries.
  • I do not want to feel sales pressure when engaging with a courier company.
  • I would also like to discuss a business account.
  • If I open a business account to provide same-day delivery I need the opening process to be easy, seamless and have the ability to secure my data within GDPR rules.
  • They must offer secure data, email updates, emailed proof of delivery (P.O.D).
  • I need a service offering courier collect, pack and send.
  • They must offer a dedicated 24/7 service.
  • Level D security trained and accredited.
  • SEPA registered to carry waste products (Wcr/r/1126706).
  • All vehicles must carry personal protective equipment, blankets and straps.
  • I would like a same-day courier company who has an excellent Google review rating.
  • When deciding on a same-day courier company for regular contract work I need to know they can fulfil multi-stop orders.
  • When making an urgent same-day delivery request I need to be able to speak to someone.
  • When ordering a same-day courier or transportation delivery I need to have total transparency on all job information.
  • I need to know the same-day courier company I use can offer transparency, efficiency and speed.
  • If I use a same-day courier company for regular corporate and business account work – they need to have drivers who wear courier branded workwear.
  • I need the courier and transport company to offer:
      • Standard – The most flexible and efficient route to get the document, parcel or pallet
      • Urgent Express – A quick same-day courier route, delivering the package or parcel in
        an agreed very short time frame.
      • Wait and return – Liaising with you the customer and coordinating collections and
        returns via one easy booking.
      • White glove – This would be for any document, package or parcels that require very
        special handling and a first class service.
      • Multi-pickup and/or multi-drop service – Ensuring the most efficient route possible.
      • Shift work – A specified driver or driver + vehicle, working for an agreed exact
        ammount of hours.
  • If I am considering opening a business account with a same-day and urgent same-day courier
    or transportation company they must have experience with:
      • Business to Business (B2B) clients and allow access to some clients for reference
        purposes upon request (subject to client approval of course).
      • Business to Consumer (B2C) clients.

These are all helpful points that will point you in the right direction when deciding on your same-day courier or transport company of choice.

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