Shipping logistics have evolved and have come a long way in the last few decades. Now we have designated shipping lines, freight forwarders and major global as well as more localised Scotland, England and UK international freight carriers such as MM Deerin Transport Ltd who are involved in international shipping in order to ease the process of shipping logistics.

The three major courier companies in the West are namely FedEx, DHL and UPS and each is as impressive as the last.

Anyway, let’s imagine a scenario where you want to send a courier package from Glasgow, Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, or London to the USA. How is it possible?

The process of moving goods between different countries or continents and locations is called Freight Shipping.

Before sending courier documents, parcels, packages, pallets or more bulk items to say the likes of the USA or Europe from the UK, it is important to consider the cost of the shipping, the weight of the goods and the urgency of the services before selecting the type of shipping required.

There are four different types of Shipping Services that the customer can choose from.


4 Different Types of International Shipping Services

1. Ocean Freight Service or Sea Freight Services:

A large bulk of the World’s trade is done through sea freight. While transporting bulky cargo sea freight is considered an economical option over air or road freight. Companies and large organisations usually use sea freight for bulk cargo such as coal, crude oil, petroleum or agricultural products, or any other types of heavy machinery. The only major disadvantage of using ocean freight is the delivery time which can take far longer.

Benefits of using ocean freight transport:

  • Extensive coverage all across the world.
  • Can carry a large volume of cargo over very long distances.
  • Probably the most environmentally friendly among all the freight services.

2. Air Freight Service:

Some of the uses of air freight are as follows. Air freight is mostly used by the automotive (mainly car parts), F1, and retail industries for quick delivery of cargo. Perishable goods like food items. flowers, as well as fruit and vegetables, take advantage of air freight because of short transit time allowing out-of-season fresh produce to timeously arrive in the shops.

Benefits of using air freight transport:

  • Much faster transportation timescales.
  • Normally minimal documentation is required for processing.
  • Additional security for the cargo.

3. Rail Freight Service:

Rail freight service makes use of railroads and trains to transport the cargo. Rail freight is another economical transportation method, it does however incur some additional costs during the rail journey like road delivery after the delivery of cargo.

Benefits of using rail freight transport:

    • Reliable transport times.
    • Fast and cost-efficient transportation delivery over medium to longer distances.
    • Road traffic can be diverted and avoided

4. Road Freight Service and Road Courier Services:

Road freight is the most used form of courier and transport logistics for transporting small or medium sized goods. Be it important documents, packages, parcels, or small or large pallets and bulk items. The advantage of road freight services and courier services is that it provides seamless movement of goods from city to city and even country to country with one pick up and drop off or multi-drop available. The disadvantage of using road freight or courier transport logistical services is it’s not ideal or indeed practical for large bulk-sized goods or very long distance transportation.

Benefits of using road freight transport or road courier transport with MM Deerin Transport Ltd:

      • Flexible service.
      • Door to door service.
      • Quick delivery over local and short haul deliveries.
      • Same-day and next-day delivery.
      • Local, city to city, UK, Europe and International service.
      • Secure data, email updates, emailed proof of delivery (P.O.D), 24/7, 365 days a year service.
      • Accounts available.
      • Level D security trained and accredited.
      • SEPA registered to carry waste products (Wcr/r/1126706).
      • Warehousing and storage available.
      • ll vehicles carry personal protective equipment, blankets and straps.

How International Shipping Works

While shipping the goods, there are 7 major steps that take place before the shipment reaches the consignee. The 7 steps are Export Haulage, Origin Handling, Export Customs clearance, Sea Freight, Import Custom Clearance, Destination handling and Import Haulage.


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